This full Moon cycle in Leo illuminates earth healing. It ushers in universal fire power to ignite our souls to step forward and live holistically. It invites small actions which in turn reverberate out into our world to become a peaceful revolution.

This fire moon, imbedded in the first mercury retrograde of 2015, is important as it fuels global, domestic and local energies to dance in new directions. It also will burn away anything that does not resonate with the desires of Gaia. This includes personal agendas that do not help, but hinder peace , love and kindness.

At this time, it is helpful to ask this question of ourselves in ANY situation we face, ‘Am I helping to create peace and harmony or am I just adding fuel to a fire that is burning out of control?’

Fire is a powerful element of nature. The new buds of spring rely on the purification of fire.

As Imbolc *, the full moon in Leo and Mercury retrograde line up with many other shifting astrological aspects, we are urged to find the magic in simple things, think with our hearts, enjoy the cycles of nature, befriend ourselves, let our pasts burn in fires that purify our journey.

The path of wholeness is always under construction. Sometimes living with ambiguity is necessary to make wise decisions. Sometimes the dross has to burn away so we become empty vessels to fill with new dreams that we had cannot anticipate……..until spring!

This is a winter like no other. Laugh, dance, sing, cuddle babies, honor older people, be sensual, make art, make our bodies art, be grateful for our families!!! Let’s enjoy each artful moment.

(*Imbolc, the midpoint between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox, is one of three ancient fertility celebrations that nurture dreams and wishes placed the night of the Winter Solstice.)

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