Fulfill Your Destiny

10735627_10152779569046323_297412351_nWow!!! What an amazing time to be ALIVE!!!

Here we are at the Total Solar Eclipse of the Super New Moon Vernal Equinox at the critical degree of 29 Pisces! Changing of the Guard globally is on the agenda, as the next two weeks propel us into the next six months of 2015.

This is truly a grand activation of global proportions and most of us have been held in place, hit walls or have given up and are floating on this tidal wave of unpredictable energy of evolutionary change.

For those of us who are dedicated to bridging the dimensions, worlds, the heavens and the magical unknown, this is incredible news. Our dream for a kinder world, full of beauty and magic, IS here! WE are the pioneers, bringing that world into existence with OUR actions and it seems that this amazing time is waking many more gentle, kind, conscious souls. Finding those of like mind, our tribe, is imminent.

It is time to move forward with our plans. There is major manifestation energy in the air as Potent Solar Flares purify our DNA. This is an active time! Spring is here.

Vision Boarding our goals is a powerful tool in these next two weeks. Sometimes just focusing in quiet contemplation, will bring immediate grounded results. Make clean space for pure, speedy, unexpected manifestations. This is a ripe time.

Let’s radiate our intense light. Our time is HERE! This Spiritual Revolution is Gathering mega speed!!!


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