Ha Ha Harvest Moon

The Full Moon in Pisces, which just peaked, is called the Harvest Moon because the crops were always harvested in September in many ancient societies and most tribal societies of today.

This moon is the last SUPERMOON of the year and indicates a very emotional two week period.  We have just been blasted with highly illuminating energy that can highlight blind spots in our psyche.  Be aware and see any challenges as gifts in disguise.

It is very important, at this moment, to slow down and monitor our thought processes as manifestation is very quick to appear now.  What are we thinking?  What are we feeling?  Are we judging others, situations and ourselves or are we empowering our choices by using discernment?  Discernment differs from judgment because it involves no blame.  Discernment is a conscious decision one makes about the people, places and things one desires in one’s life.

Manifestation also involves feeling, so being in touch with our feelings from moment to moment is imperative.  Most of us are gathering our intuitive gifts whether we are conscious of this or not.  To empower ourselves, we slow down and feel into everything and everyone now.  If we remain unconnected to our feelings and have runaway thoughts, drama ensues! 

Focus is the name of this ERA!!!!  How do we achieve focus? Meditation, yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Gong, sacred walks, contemplation,  swimming, running, golf, weeding, gardening, cleaning, bathing… you name it, everyone has their way.  Yet, there is one commonality, alone time!!!  More alone time is needed now for sensitive souls!

We also hit magical highs on Supermoons, meet extraordinary people, go amazing places and really laugh in this high vibration!  Nothing heals our hearts like kind love from our true friends, gentle support from family and crazyass laughter everyday!!!! 

We are headed into the inner time with the Autumnal Solstice arriving on the 22nd of September.  Time to prepare now!

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