Heart Centered Moon

We are now completely out of the shadow of Mercury retrograde,  shaking off the remnants of the Cardinal Cross and we have crossed into a forward moving Saturn!  This all foretells of a positive, more graceful August.

Manifestation will be easier and quicker so we must pare down what we wish to create.  Our creations will take on heart centered Leo love energy, providing goodwill for all, when we focus attention on it.

Shifting goals into personal and global lists can be a powerful way of manifesting for ourselves and the human tribe at large.  We are expanding, evolving and are very powerful when we learn how to FOCUS.  This new moon illuminates energy on the needs of the entire world in a heart centered way because it falls in Leo.

What are we creating that is heart-centered?  Have we examined our compassionate nature?  Do we love what we do every day?  Can we feel our hearts expand to include others in a more meaningful way?  Do we live in the now?

Expectation is a tricky devise.  Being open to realize and work towards our goals as they shift, turn and sometimes detour, is just part of the wild ride of life.  Most times those big detours are created by our angels and the Divine in our own hearts to help us grow.  So let’s have a grand time and make it all Funtastic!!!

Lighten up and enjoy Summer!  Major blessings to you!!!

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