How to Talk to Your Angels- Step One

This is one of the most important forms of communication. Intuitive synchronicity in real life depends on the belief that your angels are always with you, for indeed they ARE always with you.  They are waiting for a sign from you for their help and guidance. Establishing regular, even daily, communication is more important now than it has ever been in this world. The main reason is evolution and achieving it. The next reason is ease and happiness in this life.

Many of you only try to communicate with your angels when in a state of emergency. By this time, your vibration is so low that you cannot really hear or feel spiritual guidance or any type of help from angelic beings.  You must learn to raise your vibration.  There are many ways to do this-

Meditation/ Yoga

Clean eating/ Fasting

Gazing into Crystals

Daily walks in Nature in Silence

Daily Random Acts of Kindness


Vision Quests

Water- Swimming Slowly

Slow Silent Cleaning

Raising your vibration on a daily basis is the first unavoidable step to being in constant communication with your angels and their divine guidance.

When I first decided that I wanted a way to communicate with my angels, I decided that a sneeze would confirm my last thought. I had no allergies and never sneezed so I concluded that a forceful one would be a message. I had many an AHA when this seemed to work yet it was random and sometimes I could not remember my last thought. This was not reliable enough for me. So, I started to experiment. I suggest this for you.

A form of meditation and clean eating must became habits then you can begin asking for specific signs from your angels. Many of you think you can skip these steps yet you want divine guidance, loving guidance from the highest vibration. You must match that vibration to hear it, feel it, see it and know it.

Start here.  I will post more information in a few weeks. Blessings to you all!


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