In~Between Moons

5bbc8fc666d9f9c68a0962feafced997As we coast between the new moon in Sagittarius and the Gemini full moon on Saturday December 6th, it occurs to me how absurd things are at this holiday season 2014!

On one hand we see famous obits in rag mags of legends who are still alive. Then, many psychics are misinforming people of future events and spreading fear. So many stories on social media mimic regular disinformation sites that posting or repeating anything becomes suspect. Many people, already desperately in debt, are caught up in consumerism mayhem and rioting has become a fact of life in many places for many reasons.

Well now! All of this has been heralded by the ancients, indigenous tribes, astrology and Gaia herself! Why are we surprised??? We signed up for this when we decided to incarnate at this time.

The good news is this is just a stage, an act, a process, the eye of the storm or the big shakeup as we move toward the Golden Era of Peace. There is always KAOS before major change occurs. This IS scientific fact.

So what can we do now????

Cultivate patience, slow down, be less reactive and more active, find a way to contribute something positive that is needed, be happy, smile, be kind, refuse to participate in negative situations.  Celebrate Everything!!!

Let’s be examples of how creative, happy, loving, kind human beings live harmoniously with all life on GAIA!


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