Internal Grid Work

189001_10200793007960095_558726601_nAs we enter this Gemini full moon cycle, the next few weeks are preparations for the grand internal grid work. How exciting!!!

How do we prepare now for this global evolutionary upgrade?

The sixth Pluto/Uranus square, in full swing on December 15, urges us to really let go and let the Divine spark in each of us, speak, act, LOVE!    DoBeDoBeDOoooooooooo!

Someone asked me, “How do I let go?” Having faith in a higher power that acts through us is the ONLY true way that lasts. Learning to give up control, to step aside, to have patience and know in our hearts that we are held in great love by this benevolent Universe is the meaning behind letting go. This does not mean we give up our hopes and dreams, it just means that they may not arrive in the order we asked for, no fast food ordering here!!!

There is intense magic in manifestation speed at the moment and it will become breathtaking soon. It is timely that Stephen Sondheim’s brilliant musical, ‘Into the Woods’ is the 2014 star-studded Christmas musical. The main theme behind this musical is, ‘Be careful what you wish for.’

So let’s really think out our wishes, goals and desires NOW, before they appear, because THEY WILL!   Let’s use the Uranus/Pluto square as a course correction.

Let’s befriend everyone and everything that turns up in our lives because they are divinely guiding us one way or another. Sometimes, the most irritating encounters have the biggest gifts!  If we lighten up, stop taking everything personally, we may be surprised at what we are actually there in that situation to do.  We may be the light shining in the dark.

It is fascinating that when we let people, places and things BE, without needing ego validation by changing them or helping them needlessly, our days become very peaceful, joyful and fulfilling!

We are soooooooooooo blessed to be on Gaia at this time!

Let’s Sing, Dance, Laugh, Love, Express ourselves in positive ways and use this Gemini full moon cycle to work on communication with ourselves, others and the DIVINE!!!


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