Kick~Ass Summer Super~ Moons

 The full Super~ moon in Virgo is a dynamo! 

One of three big, full super -duper moons this summer.  So much illumination.  Integration time needed for many.  So take time to rest ALOT.  Time to get things done.  Sure there is always a release on full moon cycles, yet there is some big moon news here.

We aspire to be better people with much Angelic guidance available.  Let’s tap into our AGS ~ Angelic Guidance System~  and make it a daily habit.  For we are what we do daily, aren’t we???

Let’s get grounded in the stars and wakeup to DIVINE reality.  Our DNA is retooling itself with each lunar and solar activation.  By now, we understand that we are in for a  hold on tight scenario, cause this train has left the station!  Yep, its fast track evolution.  Exciting times!

What does this mean for us on a daily basis??  Rest, get into water, do our spiritual disciplines that connect us to our personal AGS, be kind, instead of pushing let things come to us, learn how to manifest. Abundance is always attracting what we need when we need it!

Think about the over stimulation in our lives.  What is right for us is always a personal decision yet our bodies are a direct line of  divine communication.  Illness tells us to change our daily habits.

Enjoy these Super~Full Moon activations.  They are miracles, so slow down and let them work their magic on you!

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