Let’s Talk About Love


Continuing with our global series of initiations into a higher consciousness, the super new moon in Aquarius blasts onto the astrological scene illuminating Ash Wednesday and the Chinese New Year of the Wood Goat. What a week we have here, as the integration period of Mercury retrograde winds down and the change of energy is palpable because we are now entering a new cycle for Venus and Mars!!!

So, let’s talk about love!!! Men are now from Venus and women are now from Mars! Take that Mr. Gray………. and you too, Mr. Grey!!! Let’s walk in the shoes of the opposite sex for a spell. A magic SPELL!!!!

This Wood Goat year is one of peace, harmony, understanding and intense creativity. So to understand our partner, we have to perceive the big picture. Are we making time for romancing our significant other no matter what stage of our relationship?? Are we fully committed 100% to listening to the other’s point of view without anxiously waiting our turn to get our point across and therefore really only half hearing what they are sharing???

Let’s put some spaaaaaaaaaaaace in our conversations with everyone yet mostly the opposite sex so we can ‘travel the path least taken’ and really start to understand, appreciate and truly love them.

Sure, we talk about loving unconditionally, and that is so easy in the beginning of any relationship, yet when our humanity rears its authentic head, what then????

This supernewmoon in Aquarius is about transformation on a large collective level. The very fact that we fall into Pisces minutes afterward indicates the magnitude of the illusion we have experienced in the third dimension and the rectification of our superpowers in the fourth and fifth dimensions. Yet, we have to find ways to stay in the higher vibrations to reclaim them.

How do we choose to VIBE HIGH???

Let’s ponder this one in the majestic silence of nature and learn the true meaning of being present in each moment. Nature is the most honest teacher and the best place to start a new cycle of being!

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