Planting Seeds





Reflective Action


Starting off the year in Mercury retrograde is often an indication of a highly charged energetic year. The slow down happens to prepare us through reflection for the rest of the year.

Let’s ask ourselves this!

What is the one behavior that we could change, this year, to benefit the whole?

By now, we have received enough information to understand that we are all connected. Every being on this planet is dependent on every other being. The planet Herself, is our home and exists as a sensitive entity interacting with those living on her, within her, and around her. We have truly been gifted with this life!

Instead of making lots of New Year’s resolutions that we cannot keep, committing to one healthy change, no matter how small, could make a serious difference in our own lives and the life of our planet.

Choice is the final frontier.

There are less people eating meat now. More application of alternative power that benefits the planet. Free education for young people is a growing worldwide trend. Government funds for building small homes for the homeless is growing. Protections for wild animals is worldwide. Aquariums are releasing orcas and circuses are releasing elephants. Private funding has appeared to to keep wild lands pure. Recycling is the norm and whole businesses have been dedicated to repurposing plastic. People are spending less money on stuff and more money on traveling. We are planting alot of trees worldwide.

We are making a New World, and the New World is molding and morphing us.

This will be challenging yet satisfying year with four Mercury retrograde periods to mark our progress. Every few months we are asked to slow down and question our actions, words, and thoughts. We will need this time to realign our purpose, walk our talk, know ourselves more intimately, reflect and keep track of our progress.

Energetically, we are being ramped up yet again. Solar flare activity is monumental. Planets are lining up. Cardinal crosses fly though our skies. As above, so below.

Let’s plant seeds now to blast off this year.

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