Psychic Landslide

So, here we are the day after the full moon Friday the 13th Mercury and Neptune retrograde sun flares plus myriad power aspects in the mix.  So many, in fact, that ‘go with the flow’ is literally the phrase of the day!

Rambunctious Sagittarian energy exudes joyous expansion on many fronts.  Restlessness is rampant because many opportunities come flooding back to us if we are awake to them.  Yet, we are challenged to sift through the choices to see if some are just no longer necessary.  We may have outgrown some people, places or things, like certain jobs.

This is a very intuitive time.  We can become overloaded or note the synchronicities instead of acting on them all.  This is a time to slow down and research, review or simply wait before making life-changing decisions.

With all the talk about climate change, environmental advances and collapses, green energy innovations, government secrets and food and water invasion, this Information Era is really just starting.  There are so many things to protest yet why not celebrate the advance of evolution kicking into high gear!  High energy abounds.  We are in the throes of a vast Revolution of Evolution!  How exciting is this????

The unpredictable becomes the norm now.  We are zooming!  Thank you Universe for the retrogrades to help us adjust to the new pace of life.

We make a difference by showing up in PEACEFUL energy so stay grounded and move slowly in thought, word and action.  Leaving the house after centering oneself for the day is the challenge and we are up for it!

We are SUPERBEINGS!  Feelin it????

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