Rising in Love



Wow! This is an exceptional March 2016 with a supermoon in Pisces, two eclipses, and the Vernal Equinox! That also includes all the amazing action in the skies aka the communion between the planets.

Chiron, the wounded healer is well placed in the midst of all this Pisces activity. Identifying, accepting and moving through our core wounding is the deep work of the next six month period. Some believe if we can identify our wounds, the energy is dissapated and falls away.  Like popping a bubble, the Aha moment can be healing in itself!

We are challenged to become whole beings capable of rising in love as opposed to falling in love.  Falling in love is a dream state where we walk unconsciously through our lives. Rising in love is a fully conscious state, facing reality and growing through it. No longer ‘in love’, we become love!

This is a new concept for many because there is no possession, addiction, competition, jealousy, neediness or any unhealthy components to rising in love. The key is to learn how to relate to each other and dissolve the notion of a relationship which is actually destructive because it entangles. A relationship ties everything into a box trapping both people with expectation.

Since this eclipse cycle involves moving into healthy relationships, let’s all contemplate; Being in Love as opposed to Being THE Love!  This is a maturing, majestic, revolutionary movement into healthy relating.

Pisces is an extremely emotional, deep flowing energy where we must give in to our most creative impulses. Trying to control these powerful feeling energies is seen by the Universe as resistance and hard times result.  Big changes are on the horizon and there is only one way to deal with them. Flow, embrace, anticipate the best, move with the Divine as the tides are guided by the moon cycles.

Rising in love is the next level of human evolution.

Blessing to you!

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