Self-Worth is Being Your Own Best Friend

In this brilliant time of unmasking our true selves, it sometimes seems to others that we are out of their control.  They, of course, would be right.

When we turn up fully embodying ourselves it can be unnerving for those who are still in personal upheaval.  It is times like these that we have the compassionate choice to leave.  Be it briefly or for good.  Sometimes this choice is the only choice. 

It is now time to put ourselves first.  Yet, to do this compassionately, without judgment or any defensive behavior can seem incomprehensible.  It is not always possible yet it is something to practice and master.

When we become more present and less reactive, when we slow down in our dealings with others and are heart-centered, it becomes natural to create the space to let unloving behavior go. 

Only the fully empowered knowledge of our own self-worth allows us to be truly compassionate.  Our curiosity and wonder about others over-rides any personal egoic defenses.  In fact, it is always a great self-knowledge we gain if any of our buttons get pushed.  For this we can thank the button-pusher instead of castrating him or her!

We become unburdened by dualism and do not try to separate what belongs together.  Self-worth ALLOWS us to become whole.  We befriend ourselves on such a deep level that we understand the Oneness of Nature, Divinity, the Underworld and the Human world.

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