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Dimension of the Mystic

3wise womenGaia, our home, is moving into the ‘Dimension of the Mystic’. As the energy shifts and rises we are all asked to step into our full integrity yet it seems we are faced with more and more temptations, escapes and dulling of our senses every minute of our day now. So, here we are on the super new moon in Aquarius cycle which really illuminates ( super-moons are doubly intense) the Mercury Retrograde redo cycle. Our choices in every minute are the focus and second chances abound! Yes, things come back around, in the circle of life, so we can make…………… better choices.

Our energy is precious and we can no longer afford to waste or squander it. Our feeling nature is under siege, if we allow it. Please contemplate how much energy you wish to give out and how you replenish that energy. This is where slowing down, and thinking about this, before we commit to overloaded schedules becomes mandatory.

There are major blessings in this new moon retrograde cycle which continues through February 3rd. If we stay grounded and connected to nature and animals we will always feel unconditionally loved and may experience more telepathic moments. There is more conflict in the human kingdom than the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms so connecting with them will be less complicated and more rewarding. The wisdom in silence speaks so loudly to those who take the time to listen.

Creating space in our day is needed more now than ever. The left and right sides of our brains are being rewired to create a bridge between prose and poetry, between science and music, between objects and relationships. This is the personal journey to master ourselves. We are All on this journey!

Let us find the true meaning of befriending ourselves.

Super New Moon Blessing to yoooooooooooo!!!

What should you expect from a reading with me?


Emerging into a new form, metamorphosis, radical change.
The spiritual revolution is here!


If you have specific questions, the reading can go to the heart of each issue more quickly. I will use the four clairs- seeing, hearing, knowing and feeling   to look into your problems. As an Angel Therapy Practitioner, I have learned to receive divine guidance for myself and others. Through this process, I am able to help you make better choices so you experience more happiness in your life.  

As a professional astrologer, I can also check your astrological chart for more clues for timing and karma issues. Karma is basically unfinished business that you must move through in this lifetime. This can be done in many ways and is not always unpleasant. You can learn to burn through your karma in positive ways by taking the high road outlined in your astrological chart so you don’t create more. The astrological birth chart is extremely precise when accessing past relationships and future experiences. It is basically a map of your physical soul path in this lifetime. It can help explain the divine purpose behind past experiences that left you baffled. It can point out your strengths and weaknesses which once known can help make better decisions.  

I also use the tarot and numerical information to further confirm the information I see, feel, hear, and know. So, you have a more accurate picture and can make better choices. Also, I am able to tap into the other side and connect you with those close to you who have passed. They are basically angelic energies speaking through me and have a comforting and healing effect. I can also tap into your pets and speak to you for them which is always inspiring as most animals are highly intelligent and have grounded and sound wisdom.  

Chakra clearing is another gift that I share in these reading if it is requested. Please follow the link for a complete explanation.