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What should you expect from a reading with me?


Emerging into a new form, metamorphosis, radical change.
The spiritual revolution is here!


If you have specific questions, the reading can go to the heart of each issue more quickly. I will use the four clairs- seeing, hearing, knowing and feeling   to look into your problems. As an Angel Therapy Practitioner, I have learned to receive divine guidance for myself and others. Through this process, I am able to help you make better choices so you experience more happiness in your life.  

As a professional astrologer, I can also check your astrological chart for more clues for timing and karma issues. Karma is basically unfinished business that you must move through in this lifetime. This can be done in many ways and is not always unpleasant. You can learn to burn through your karma in positive ways by taking the high road outlined in your astrological chart so you don’t create more. The astrological birth chart is extremely precise when accessing past relationships and future experiences. It is basically a map of your physical soul path in this lifetime. It can help explain the divine purpose behind past experiences that left you baffled. It can point out your strengths and weaknesses which once known can help make better decisions.  

I also use the tarot and numerical information to further confirm the information I see, feel, hear, and know. So, you have a more accurate picture and can make better choices. Also, I am able to tap into the other side and connect you with those close to you who have passed. They are basically angelic energies speaking through me and have a comforting and healing effect. I can also tap into your pets and speak to you for them which is always inspiring as most animals are highly intelligent and have grounded and sound wisdom.  

Chakra clearing is another gift that I share in these reading if it is requested. Please follow the link for a complete explanation.

Speedy Manifestation for 2010

Things are speeding up yet again. We have had a six month period of blocks and frustration especially for fire signs and anyone with fire placed in the big three positions- sun sign, moon sign or rising sign.

Leo moons have been excessively angry especially if they have gotten used to instant manifestation. Mars , who is the bad boy retrograde at the mo, restationed to move forward on March 10th, yet there is a delay period until the Vernal Equinox.

Then, Mars blasts forward and we all can take off with his help. There is fire in the whole once more!

You are probably wondering why we had to finally surrender and give up the fight. Well, for fire signs one of the biggest lessons of this new millennium is NOT to muscle it.

That energy is sooooooo over now! We all have to learn to vision, refine and vision some more BEFORE we act.

So lets get to the point here. The simple steps for speedy manifestation are:

  1. Define your intentions and commit
  2. Go into Nature and ask for Divine Guidance!
    This step has been left out by many. Yet, in 2010 it is imperative to work with Nature, Mother Earth, angels, and faeries. Basically, we are moving and merging into the fourth dimension and all the ethereal beings that exist there are chomping at the bit to help us! So, lighten your vibration and stay naturally high. Sing, dance, paint, walk in nature, laugh alot!
  3. Outline your steps.
  4. Take action and embrace community.
    We need each other more now. We must find trustworthy friends and support to hold visions for us. This will speed things up even more.
  5. Be of service. This is something to think about because this is the millennium of sacred service. How do you fit in? What can you contribute?
  6. Then allow everything to change because it will. Be flexible and be open to better ideas, things and people appearing than you ever imagined to help you toward your true goal.
  7.  Finally, make sure what you intend and commit to makes you happy right now because you must be joyful in creating so the blocks becomes simple challenges and you are energized to face and move through them.