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Mystics without Monasteries



There is a growing population of mystics living in your town, neighborhood and even in your home! We are all evolving to become mystics living a multi-dimensional existence.  Mystics see the magic in the world through communion with the Divine.

This very full moon in Virgo illuminates this fact and the science behind it. We are being propelled toward the first eclipse season with enormous full moon energetic boost and constant sun flare activity.

This is a very magical time. February 25- March 6 is a staging arena where we may feel some tension and overwhelm yet, if we give in and flow, we will experience high magic in our lives.

Working the Virgonian values is so ripe that we are constantly confronted with the choice between perfectionism and the ability to flow, discrimination and judgment, working to pay the bills and true service, abundant health through positive thinking and health challenges enhanced by negative thinking.

Staying grounded is paramount as we hurtle toward the eclipse season. Checking in with ourselves to walk barefoot on the earth, breathe deeply or just rub our knees when we feel light headed are simple habits to incorporate during our day.

This is a powerful year of completions that uses the Chinese Fire Monkey symbol to make humor and joy the high road to complete this last year of a nine year cycle of evolutionary proportion. We can use the Virgonian values to anchor better choices for ourselves as we move into the next cycle.

Root into the messiness of life for there lies the magic! Land in your body because this is a systemic and practical revolution of consciousness.  We are moving to higher dimensions and taking our bodies with us!

Let’s also work on our psychic hygiene. This means monitoring how stimuli, aka television, cable, movies, radio, facebook, twitter, books, newspapers, blogs etc affect our energy. Are we energized or depleted after doses of the above? It is very important to balance this technological era with the natural world. Virgo is an earth sign so celebrating Gaia whenever possible is the magic of this astrological sign.

Remember as we travel into the higher concept of Oneness that all life is golden. Many blessings!

Mandatory Evolution 2016










As Above, So below!

Power packed planet lineups, massive solar flares, blasting forward after a heavy Mercury retrograde propelled by a Leo Full moon all mean step up your self-knowledge and contribute wherever you can!

This year 2016, is a completion year of inner and outer healing.

We, as human beings, must heal our inner destructive habits to insure the outer healing of our dear planet.

The urgency to evolve is seen all around us as pollution of our natural world escalates, climate change is proven as a scientific fact and even Stephen Hawking predicts space exploration to find a new home planet! What?????

We are resourceful and very creative. This Leo full moon shines a light on the many possibilities open to us. Let us make a healthy commitment to Gaia to restore her pristine beauty.

The stars are talking loudly if we slow down and listen. Please listen.

This can be a life affirming year, a shift year into healthy Earth management. This is an Earth revolution, an ECOLOGICAL revolution.

We have a serious choice in 2016 because, whatever the outcome, it will propel us into the next nine year cycle which begins 2017.

Let’s vote with our dollars and simplify our lives to live in harmony with Gaia. This is the year that we change the destructive tide to one that heals and restores ourselves and our dear planet!


Surfing the Divine

The win528181_10201879055965537_1537892726_nds of change are ablowin, yet again!

Full moon in Sagittarius illuminating a deep Mercury retrograde in Gemini brings issues of these astrological poles to light. On top of this action, we have a retrograde Saturn heading back into Scorpio and Neptune ruling the skies by squaring many major planets. What does all this mean?

Are we just gathering and disseminating information or are we really getting to the heart of, and really understanding, some important issues in our lives? Have we consciously slowed down to Surf the Divine or are we being rolled in the ocean of our lives and scrambling to come up for air?

Are we victims or co-creators??? Are we complainers or problem solvers? Do we accept the challenge of everyday life or are we constantly hiding in the myriad distractions supplied by questionable sources. Are we grateful for the juiciness of our lives, no matter what happens next?

These are just a few things to ponder as we travel through June 2015 on this full moon cycle.

Living heart centered lives is the challenge of this time. Moving away from over-thinking everything, everyone, and ourselves into feeling our way through our lives is taking major precedence.

Collectively, we are creating a new human species. We are evolving with Gaia and the other kingdoms of beings, animal, mineral and vegetable, who share this lovely, blue/green planet.

At this moment, the other earthly kingdoms seem to be collaborating and vibrating at a greater and faster and pace than we. Let us catch up to their level of kindness and Divine Grace by listening to our hearts. Let’s allow our hearts to lead our way through this new, unknown and very exciting territory called the Golden Age of Earth.

Fire in the Sky



Blood Moon:  Total Lunar Eclipse at 14 degrees Libra.

The keywords for this time are balance, choice, crossroads, gateway to the 5th dimension, focus, relationship: concern for others versus self-absorbtion, authenticity, objectivity: respond versus react and release of anything that does not serve the highest good, personally and globally.

A Blood Moon is a Total Lunar Eclipse. The name is identified with the coppery color achieved by a low hanging moon colored by the reflection of light from the sunrise and sunset around it.

This is one of a rare grouping of four Blood Moons on or close to Holy Days alerting us to the magnitude of the speedup of evolutionary processes on dear Gaia at this time.

Thinking with our hearts enables us to flow with these intense changes more easily. Having faith in ourselves, and the Divinity within us, is key to letting go of control issues which are the basis of all dis~ease. Underneath severe control issues lies fear, the absence of love.

So, the challenge, as we move forward, is to love ourselves, everyone and everything MORE! Observe each person and experience, as it or they come, without judgment and love our way through them or it!

We are learning to LOVE COMPLETELY.

The higher vibrations now entering Gaia are no longer nudging us, they are pushing us, molding us, moving humanity forward with intense, artful, evolutionary instruction.

Let’s learn how to listen to ourselves, others, our angels and guides, nature and the cosmos. Listening IS Love!

The Quickening Fire

 Wow!  What an amazing rush of Firey energy is pouring onto our planet!  This is so exciting and so welcome and so anticipated!

It is the aftermath of the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Aries, the Blood Moon. 

Just so we are all on the same page of astrological understanding, no aspect or astrological configuration can interfere with a positive, pro-active attitude.  We are all challenged at this time to hold our ground as this energy rocks our world!  This Blood Moon heralds in a new cycle of evolution.  Our emotional capacity to respond rather than react is the mode of operation for the next six month training period. 

Strap on your training wheels and ride, baby, ride!!!!

In my experience, mastering the emotional body is the greatest and most rewarding feat, and this is now a mandatory evolutionary practice.  To really make a difference in our own relationships, our surrounding areas and the world at large, we must become light bearers and stay in the peaceful, harmonious, joyful, fun energy. 

This means taking nothing personally.

Not assuming, asking!

Using our words sparingly, so we can walk our talk.

Doing our best, for this is all we can truly do in any given moment.

Yes, The Four Agreements by Don Miguel.  So simple you can use them daily in any situation.  (I find if I cannot remember them all in the morning, then that is the one, or two or three, I must really work on that day.  Sometimes, it’s all four, because I am under it!!! Teeeheeee!)

Also, there is no need to be so serious about life, people, situations, especially in a retrograde!!  Redo, research, respond, re-connect, realize, Rumi ~ nate!!!!  

So, big things are changing, flow with it.  Let’s trust where life is taking us.  We live in a BENEVOLENT UNIVERSE!

And lastly, if we are still stuck thinking a loving partner will betray us, we are just pushing away the possibility of real romantic and fulfilling love.  Until, we have worked our own issues of mistrust out of our lives we just attract the same situation over and over.  PERIOD!

Let the new beginnings arrive in our lives.  Clear out the past now.  We have a few weeks here to rumi~ nate on this before the brilliant Solar Eclipse New Moon in Libra arrives on October 23rd!

Sing, Dance, Paint, Write, Walk in Sacred Harmony with Nature, Love Intensely, Laugh Alot and Swim through this fiery energetic!  Mega Blessings to you.



Here we are, after crossing the Autumnal Equinox, on the New Moon cycle!  The BRING cycle!  The ‘get off the couch and get things done’ cycle!  Do you feel lighter and happier?  We have entered into the friendly, sociable, fun air sign of Libra which is ruled by VENUS!!!  Love, love LOVE!

Partnerships of ALL kinds are acomin, already here or some are under scrutiny!!!!  We have till October 8th to enjoy the social activities that may fall into our lives or we may feel so good that we initiate them.  It is time to get out there and shine with new found discernment earned over the past few weeks.

As Eric Hutchinson says, “Ya gotta run real far before ya ever get close to home!”  We are close to home.  Know that.  Feel that.  Keep goin, persevere!!!

We are traveling on an evolutionary time line as a global society.  The DIVINE timeline!  We gotta laugh through this, stay in a high (literally) vibration or we could get caught in the downdraft.  The easy, (HAHA) common, pedestrian journey.

It’s takes real work to climb up and there will be setbacks (challenging astrological influences) yet that’s the interesting, uplifting, joyful, heart centered and fulfilling journey.

So easy becomes painful and difficult and challenging becomes rewarding NOW!  That is the new status quo, my friends.

What does all this have to do with partnership???

The recurring theme, illuminating through the cosmos for the entire year, has been that of LETTING GO!  Now, we all can think of this in different ways because we are individuals yet there is one commonality.  ACCEPTANCE.

When we let go, we accept circumstances, people, places and things for what they are right NOW, in the present moment.

Especially in partnership of ANY kind we see the other for what they are right now, we accept that, and then use our newfound discernment to realize where they fit into our lives.

We are looking with new eyes at partnerships.  We are then challenged to use compassionate words in all situations.  Or no words at all.  Holding the space for others is powerful at anytime.  Most can then hear what has just been said if there is space.  Words hang in the air of Libra.  Loving moments happen if we let them!

Caviate: Merc Retro falls on Oct 4th, PEOPLE, place and things return for review!)

Enjoy the rarified air of Libra.  “Say what you wanna say and let the words fall out.”

Psychic Landslide

So, here we are the day after the full moon Friday the 13th Mercury and Neptune retrograde sun flares plus myriad power aspects in the mix.  So many, in fact, that ‘go with the flow’ is literally the phrase of the day!

Rambunctious Sagittarian energy exudes joyous expansion on many fronts.  Restlessness is rampant because many opportunities come flooding back to us if we are awake to them.  Yet, we are challenged to sift through the choices to see if some are just no longer necessary.  We may have outgrown some people, places or things, like certain jobs.

This is a very intuitive time.  We can become overloaded or note the synchronicities instead of acting on them all.  This is a time to slow down and research, review or simply wait before making life-changing decisions.

With all the talk about climate change, environmental advances and collapses, green energy innovations, government secrets and food and water invasion, this Information Era is really just starting.  There are so many things to protest yet why not celebrate the advance of evolution kicking into high gear!  High energy abounds.  We are in the throes of a vast Revolution of Evolution!  How exciting is this????

The unpredictable becomes the norm now.  We are zooming!  Thank you Universe for the retrogrades to help us adjust to the new pace of life.

We make a difference by showing up in PEACEFUL energy so stay grounded and move slowly in thought, word and action.  Leaving the house after centering oneself for the day is the challenge and we are up for it!

We are SUPERBEINGS!  Feelin it????