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The Cold Moon




The last full moon of this year, 2015, is called the Cold Moon. This is traditionally the coldest and darkest time of the year in the northern hemisphere. The illumination of light by intense darkness is strong now! It is the time we connect with the natural world on a deep level to bless and celebrate the fragile balance between the kingdoms of the Earth.

Celebration and nurturance of the human, animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms is not complete without the blessing of the elements of water, fire, earth and air.

Mastery of and co-creation with the elements is imminent at this time.  This is our destiny as an evolving species.

The amazing gift of the full cold moon on Christmas Day is one of reverence to the natural world. This rare event will not happen again for many years. We are blessed with forthcoming abundance and harmony as we take up the call to unity for the coming years.

Many new green technologies bless our lives as we honor our true home, Gaia. We are shining our light bravely through the cold dark nights into the bright future of our now.

Being one with the natural world creates the luminosity we crave as universal travelers.


Moving Toward Wholeness



Integrating lost parts of ourselves can be frustrating because we think we should be moving forward yet this Full Moon in Cancer speaks loudly about uniting mind, heart and action. So, we have to ask ourselves if the goals we are striving towards really unite our mind and heart because acting on them, without first contemplating this key aspect, can result in blocks.

This highly energetic upgrade, we are experiencing as we hurtle towards the seventh and last Pluto/Uranus Square, is re-aligning our DNA, thoughts, feelings, dreams, goals, actions, relationships, homes and Gaia herself!

This is a powerful winter, relax into it. When we strive to move into wholeness, the core of our being, our INTEGRITY is challenged until we consistently live our value system. We may feel as though we are on lockdown, when actually the Divine spark within us is protecting our higher selves from our lower selves! Soon, there will be no division.

Instead of making this complicated, do less. Let’s pare down our day, wherever possible, and make sacred alone time for ourselves. Conserve energy. Burrow down like the Bear. Most of us cannot hibernate yet we can slow down and enjoy more quiet time, less stimulation and more contemplation.

This seventh Pluto/Uranus square, coming in mid March, can be equated to the seventh chakra. The top of our heads opening wide to the heavens and downloading violet DIVINITY into ALL our bodily systems. Let’s prepare ourselves to receive this amazing gift by moving into wholeness.

As Above, So Below!

The 2014 Calibration Process

 Here we are on the full moon cycle.  The first full Moon of 2014 is in Cancer.  This moon heralds in a very emotional time of release as we continue the calibration process of morphing into new beings with all our DNA strands intact.

By now, we have realized that sound frequencies are very important to this process.  Sound in itself is the backbone of our societies.  It is not enough to refine our eating habits and thought processes, we must consider the interference we receive daily through sound.  This, like hypnosis, influences our thoughts and our own spoken words.

What are we listening to??  Think about it, this involves yet another level of release.  Especially on this hyper-sensitive cycle, sound is crucial.  Our bodies are being retooled and elevated and our senses are activated at higher and higher frequencies.  The intense solar flare and sun activity are initiating yet another level of intense energy.

Let’s be conscious of the sounds around us.  Let’s choose what we desire to listen to instead of being bombarded with others programming.  Let’s be conscious of the sounds we are emitting.  Let’s be conscious of our thoughts and words.  Let’s get out into Nature without a headset and listen to ourselves and the natural world!

This is a quiet, nurturing cycle and there is a real reason behind this timing.  This is going be an amazing year of discoveries, mind-blowing inventions and futuristic promise.  Space is needed.  Inner-space, outer-space and quiet space!

Let’s honor ourselves by giving ourselves quiet space every day.  Let’s cut out some of the busy!

Many of us are hearing high pitched ringing and feeling changes in our bodies, refined eating, exercise and sleep patterns, dreams vividly remembered and many other seemingly paranormal tidbits.  This will intensify.  Go with it!

Let’s take the most gentle path available to us at this time.  We are worth it!  This new world needs to be peopled with love.  We are that and so much more!

Blessings to you on this wild ride called 2014!