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Fire Monkey Business




Here we are on the new moon in Aquarius cycle entering into the Chinese new year of the fire monkey. Radical changes are acomin!

Expect the unexpected. Release all expectations and flow.

This is going to be an exceptional year for manifestation so work on your visioning habits now. Plus, creative ideas run rampant through our brains so to ground them in reality is the challenge this year. This is not a year of hard edged planning yet a more fluid time of letting ourselves be guided by our growing intuition.

After a slow start in January, we are now gathering speed as we course toward the eclipse season next month. This month of February sets the stage for rapid changes to honor this year of completions. A nine year also brings in the harvest of goals we have set in motion previously. The synchronicity of the 9th Chinese character, the Fire Monkey, makes this a potent year for realizing our full potential if we let go.

Letting go means having faith that we are being guided by our own soul intuition so there is no need for control. We are able to flow with change and have learned to ride the energetic currents. We are one with life instead of trying to resist and control it.

There is also Karma attached to a completion year. Mostly, repercussions of choices made previously that are not on our soul path. Some are the endings of soul contracts we made in other lifetimes. This is an important year. We may find many people, places and things falling away. A clearing on the soul path makes for more room for better choices, better lives, new potentials, new alliances, new hopes and dreams.

This year is animated and fun if we keep our sense of humor and see the crazy of our own making! We are in full throttle mode for massive leaps in evolution, new ways of being and lighter energetic bodies. Yet, first we may have to do some damage control.

Let the energy build so we can crescendo into a more harmonious vibe. The angels are with us, more now than ever. Trust! Have faith. Laugh and have fun! Meet magic on the Hero’s Journey through the Cosmos!

Internal Grid Work

189001_10200793007960095_558726601_nAs we enter this Gemini full moon cycle, the next few weeks are preparations for the grand internal grid work. How exciting!!!

How do we prepare now for this global evolutionary upgrade?

The sixth Pluto/Uranus square, in full swing on December 15, urges us to really let go and let the Divine spark in each of us, speak, act, LOVE!    DoBeDoBeDOoooooooooo!

Someone asked me, “How do I let go?” Having faith in a higher power that acts through us is the ONLY true way that lasts. Learning to give up control, to step aside, to have patience and know in our hearts that we are held in great love by this benevolent Universe is the meaning behind letting go. This does not mean we give up our hopes and dreams, it just means that they may not arrive in the order we asked for, no fast food ordering here!!!

There is intense magic in manifestation speed at the moment and it will become breathtaking soon. It is timely that Stephen Sondheim’s brilliant musical, ‘Into the Woods’ is the 2014 star-studded Christmas musical. The main theme behind this musical is, ‘Be careful what you wish for.’

So let’s really think out our wishes, goals and desires NOW, before they appear, because THEY WILL!   Let’s use the Uranus/Pluto square as a course correction.

Let’s befriend everyone and everything that turns up in our lives because they are divinely guiding us one way or another. Sometimes, the most irritating encounters have the biggest gifts!  If we lighten up, stop taking everything personally, we may be surprised at what we are actually there in that situation to do.  We may be the light shining in the dark.

It is fascinating that when we let people, places and things BE, without needing ego validation by changing them or helping them needlessly, our days become very peaceful, joyful and fulfilling!

We are soooooooooooo blessed to be on Gaia at this time!

Let’s Sing, Dance, Laugh, Love, Express ourselves in positive ways and use this Gemini full moon cycle to work on communication with ourselves, others and the DIVINE!!!


Heart Centered Moon

We are now completely out of the shadow of Mercury retrograde,  shaking off the remnants of the Cardinal Cross and we have crossed into a forward moving Saturn!  This all foretells of a positive, more graceful August.

Manifestation will be easier and quicker so we must pare down what we wish to create.  Our creations will take on heart centered Leo love energy, providing goodwill for all, when we focus attention on it.

Shifting goals into personal and global lists can be a powerful way of manifesting for ourselves and the human tribe at large.  We are expanding, evolving and are very powerful when we learn how to FOCUS.  This new moon illuminates energy on the needs of the entire world in a heart centered way because it falls in Leo.

What are we creating that is heart-centered?  Have we examined our compassionate nature?  Do we love what we do every day?  Can we feel our hearts expand to include others in a more meaningful way?  Do we live in the now?

Expectation is a tricky devise.  Being open to realize and work towards our goals as they shift, turn and sometimes detour, is just part of the wild ride of life.  Most times those big detours are created by our angels and the Divine in our own hearts to help us grow.  So let’s have a grand time and make it all Funtastic!!!

Lighten up and enjoy Summer!  Major blessings to you!!!

New Moon March Objectives

We are now traveling out of the Pisces lineup and into the Spring Equinox. Spring is coming and fast. Even though the new moon sits in Pisces, Mars has entered Aries and we are given a high octane energy boost.

March is still an introspective month yet the sacred objectives are more realized now and our brains are not as clouded as we head into Mercury direct on Sunday.

Life is more balanced.  We have been forced to slow down this month to reconnect with ourselves, others, the planet and all it’s kingdoms.

This is a great planning month because the astrological year starts in April. We all may find that this energy really affects us this year.  We are more sensitive. We are asked to take notice, nudged repeatedly until we do. This is a really exciting transition as we slow down to take notice of the changing seasons.

What are our objectives now? Are they the same as the goals we gave ourselves at the beginning of this year 2013?  Or do we add more self-growth goals after this reflective retrogade? Is our core goal to grow as souls? Is that the real objective or mission for our Earth journey? Are we moving away from competition, materialism and grasping at power?  Is Selflessness an area of exploration now?

There is so much positive energy on this blue/green ball we call home yet if we stay stuck to all the techie outlets, too available to us, we will not realize it. Things are changing. Kindness rules as we spring forward. Be it! Receive it! Be grateful for kindness. Simplify. Let’s get ready to make a difference.