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With 5 planets retrograding, including Mercury, and the Full Moon in Scorpio amping up the discord, we are seeing the ramifications of the wrong type of guardianship of our planet.

These are exciting times for the conscious and trying times for those who refuse to see the results of their actions. The boomerang effect!

This whole year is a purification and completion of this nine year cycle. To start a new cycle many things that no longer work have to go! This may mean a variety of things ranging from toxic thoughts to toxic relationships to toxic oil spills.

We as a species are evolving whether we know it or not, whether we like it or not. Change IS upon us.

There is alot of angelic help all around us if we tap into it though meditation, quiet walks in nature, music, dance, painting, singing, writing and any creative endeavor that takes us out our left brain. With all this retrograde activity, we are guided to use our right brains more. This is how we receive Divine messages.  This keeps us sane in insane times and builds brain strength so we can soon operate using both sides in tandem.

This is a powerful year, so to use it well becomes an art form in itself. As the Tibetans say: Eat half as much, Walk twice as much, Laugh three times as much, Love endlessly!

Blessings to you.


Mandatory Evolution 2016










As Above, So below!

Power packed planet lineups, massive solar flares, blasting forward after a heavy Mercury retrograde propelled by a Leo Full moon all mean step up your self-knowledge and contribute wherever you can!

This year 2016, is a completion year of inner and outer healing.

We, as human beings, must heal our inner destructive habits to insure the outer healing of our dear planet.

The urgency to evolve is seen all around us as pollution of our natural world escalates, climate change is proven as a scientific fact and even Stephen Hawking predicts space exploration to find a new home planet! What?????

We are resourceful and very creative. This Leo full moon shines a light on the many possibilities open to us. Let us make a healthy commitment to Gaia to restore her pristine beauty.

The stars are talking loudly if we slow down and listen. Please listen.

This can be a life affirming year, a shift year into healthy Earth management. This is an Earth revolution, an ECOLOGICAL revolution.

We have a serious choice in 2016 because, whatever the outcome, it will propel us into the next nine year cycle which begins 2017.

Let’s vote with our dollars and simplify our lives to live in harmony with Gaia. This is the year that we change the destructive tide to one that heals and restores ourselves and our dear planet!



Boom! Boom! Boom! There is soooooooooooooo much evolutionary fire ablaze!!!!



We just passed the Solar Eclipse of the New Moon in Virgo which planted the new energies for the rest of this year 2015. Shakeups continue as many important planets go direct, we head for the Autumnal Equinox, Super Blood Moon in Aries Lunar Eclipse and a heavy Mercury retrograde! POW!

Could there be more going on in the sky???What does all this mean?

Flow with the changes as this month and next turn into an energetic rollercoaster. The inner clearing work is mandatory now and if we are not diligent in listening to our own Angelic Guidance Systems, AGS, we will be detour material. Many people, places and things we thought we wanted will turn into the very people ,places and things we do not want. We are moving fast and need to jettison outdated thoughts, feelings, possessions and even those people in our lives that no longer support our growth.

Slow down. Getting caught in the dramas of those around us will be a challenge at this time. Breathe and take as much persona time as possible and make that a new habit.

This can be a magical time for those who are psychonauts: pioneers of consciousness. The dimensions of time are shifting and we can flow with them as they reveal the splendors to come.

Virgo demands our attention this month as Gaia speaks loudly and clearly if we walk on Her barefoot. This can be a time of needed grounding as so much is happening in the stratosphere and we are being bombarded with information. To make practical use of this time, make space to listen. This could be as easy and peaceful as star gazing or hiking in nature.

Let’s really enjoy the party of these Fall energetics. Let’s make some solid commitments to do good for ourselves, others, the planet and all conscious being on it, in it and above it.

Dance, Sing, Make Art, Make Music, Make Love, Play!!!

Evolutionary Jump

10489952_10202167407094138_2310113529384619758_nNew Moon in Taurus


Here we are on the new moon in Taurus cycle deep in Mercury Retrograde territory. Has this year got us doing some deep thinking about the direction of our lives, or what??? Stay Balanced!!!

Maybe, it’s the chaotic transition from the patriarchy to the matriarchy. Or, is it just the time to graduate from our school of childhood! Then again, it could be the collective push towards equality or the polarization dilemma of personal vs professional. Anyway you play it, this time is a big kick in the collective butt.

Consciously slow down or the Universe may do it for you! This is a major time to practice handing over big and small problems to our angels. Let’s unplug ourselves from the fast pace of modern society as much as we can and float, flow, reset, redo, plan, research and be prepared for the unexpected at every turn.

This energy may take us through the end of June, so be prepared by grounding down.

The upshot of this blessed time, is that miracles are just waiting to occur for us. Let’s allow them into our lives. Let’s allow ourselves the right to desire whatever it is we want.

Gratitude expressed daily concerning what we have is our mantra now and let’s be excited for whatever may come! Let’s manifest. Use the 17 seconds to 17 minutes rule of focusing on a desire.

Let’s always ask for peace and harmony in the world first, because we are all connected. As we move further into this century, all of us will be able to feel any disharmony, anywhere in the world, in our bodies and minds. As Above So Below!

Lastly, whenever a new moon occurs within a mercury retrograde, there is something new we are trying on in our lives. This is always a training wheels period designed so we can make mistakes and learn from them before the energy moves faster in July.

Never discount the gifts inherent in a Mercury Retrograde period. Welcome the blessed challenges that push us to make upgrades and evolutionary jumps in our lives.

Again, let’s strive to activate balance in all things.  There is so much Libra activity at this time that nothing can be achieved without weighing the options and seeing the results ahead of time.  Everything has consequences.  Let’s be aware.

Time to sharpen our intuitive gifts!!!

Dive Deep

2c1a386d00b74e286ff88428a2a0e133This is another energetic rush. After having a Big 3 energetic upgrades in a month, what can we do except allow, accept, laugh, dance and sing our way through more changes.

We have two months, May and June 2015, of the Mercury retrograde influence as the pre-retrograde shadow has been amped by this amazing moon. The afterglow of the mercury retrograde will carry us through the rest of June. So let’s use this energy to our advantage!

Let’s take these two months to revisit some goals we have not been able to get done for one reason or another. Let’s dust some things off and find the beauty in them again. This includes people, places and things. Let’s not be rash in discarding, discounting or disapproving. Let’s look with objectivity while taking things less personally.

This refinement of our charged emotional state is challenging during this heightened and intense Scorpio Full Moon. Yet, we are up for the challenge!

Get plenty of rest. Let’s really take care of our bodies. Let’s realize that our bodies are the most amazing thing we will ever own. Let’s pare down, simplify and learn how to focus in the midst of kaos.

As we travel in this new vibration of UNITY with all beings, let’s be grateful for every little blessing our way. This is the way our lives become a constant prayer of gratitude.

Dive deep into your emotional body and let go of the past because we are movin on up!

Blessings to you.



This full Moon cycle in Leo illuminates earth healing. It ushers in universal fire power to ignite our souls to step forward and live holistically. It invites small actions which in turn reverberate out into our world to become a peaceful revolution.

This fire moon, imbedded in the first mercury retrograde of 2015, is important as it fuels global, domestic and local energies to dance in new directions. It also will burn away anything that does not resonate with the desires of Gaia. This includes personal agendas that do not help, but hinder peace , love and kindness.

At this time, it is helpful to ask this question of ourselves in ANY situation we face, ‘Am I helping to create peace and harmony or am I just adding fuel to a fire that is burning out of control?’

Fire is a powerful element of nature. The new buds of spring rely on the purification of fire.

As Imbolc *, the full moon in Leo and Mercury retrograde line up with many other shifting astrological aspects, we are urged to find the magic in simple things, think with our hearts, enjoy the cycles of nature, befriend ourselves, let our pasts burn in fires that purify our journey.

The path of wholeness is always under construction. Sometimes living with ambiguity is necessary to make wise decisions. Sometimes the dross has to burn away so we become empty vessels to fill with new dreams that we had cannot anticipate……..until spring!

This is a winter like no other. Laugh, dance, sing, cuddle babies, honor older people, be sensual, make art, make our bodies art, be grateful for our families!!! Let’s enjoy each artful moment.

(*Imbolc, the midpoint between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox, is one of three ancient fertility celebrations that nurture dreams and wishes placed the night of the Winter Solstice.)


Here we are, after crossing the Autumnal Equinox, on the New Moon cycle!  The BRING cycle!  The ‘get off the couch and get things done’ cycle!  Do you feel lighter and happier?  We have entered into the friendly, sociable, fun air sign of Libra which is ruled by VENUS!!!  Love, love LOVE!

Partnerships of ALL kinds are acomin, already here or some are under scrutiny!!!!  We have till October 8th to enjoy the social activities that may fall into our lives or we may feel so good that we initiate them.  It is time to get out there and shine with new found discernment earned over the past few weeks.

As Eric Hutchinson says, “Ya gotta run real far before ya ever get close to home!”  We are close to home.  Know that.  Feel that.  Keep goin, persevere!!!

We are traveling on an evolutionary time line as a global society.  The DIVINE timeline!  We gotta laugh through this, stay in a high (literally) vibration or we could get caught in the downdraft.  The easy, (HAHA) common, pedestrian journey.

It’s takes real work to climb up and there will be setbacks (challenging astrological influences) yet that’s the interesting, uplifting, joyful, heart centered and fulfilling journey.

So easy becomes painful and difficult and challenging becomes rewarding NOW!  That is the new status quo, my friends.

What does all this have to do with partnership???

The recurring theme, illuminating through the cosmos for the entire year, has been that of LETTING GO!  Now, we all can think of this in different ways because we are individuals yet there is one commonality.  ACCEPTANCE.

When we let go, we accept circumstances, people, places and things for what they are right NOW, in the present moment.

Especially in partnership of ANY kind we see the other for what they are right now, we accept that, and then use our newfound discernment to realize where they fit into our lives.

We are looking with new eyes at partnerships.  We are then challenged to use compassionate words in all situations.  Or no words at all.  Holding the space for others is powerful at anytime.  Most can then hear what has just been said if there is space.  Words hang in the air of Libra.  Loving moments happen if we let them!

Caviate: Merc Retro falls on Oct 4th, PEOPLE, place and things return for review!)

Enjoy the rarified air of Libra.  “Say what you wanna say and let the words fall out.”

Psychic Landslide

So, here we are the day after the full moon Friday the 13th Mercury and Neptune retrograde sun flares plus myriad power aspects in the mix.  So many, in fact, that ‘go with the flow’ is literally the phrase of the day!

Rambunctious Sagittarian energy exudes joyous expansion on many fronts.  Restlessness is rampant because many opportunities come flooding back to us if we are awake to them.  Yet, we are challenged to sift through the choices to see if some are just no longer necessary.  We may have outgrown some people, places or things, like certain jobs.

This is a very intuitive time.  We can become overloaded or note the synchronicities instead of acting on them all.  This is a time to slow down and research, review or simply wait before making life-changing decisions.

With all the talk about climate change, environmental advances and collapses, green energy innovations, government secrets and food and water invasion, this Information Era is really just starting.  There are so many things to protest yet why not celebrate the advance of evolution kicking into high gear!  High energy abounds.  We are in the throes of a vast Revolution of Evolution!  How exciting is this????

The unpredictable becomes the norm now.  We are zooming!  Thank you Universe for the retrogrades to help us adjust to the new pace of life.

We make a difference by showing up in PEACEFUL energy so stay grounded and move slowly in thought, word and action.  Leaving the house after centering oneself for the day is the challenge and we are up for it!

We are SUPERBEINGS!  Feelin it????

Power and Recognition

These are crazy magical exhilarating times if we stay with ourselves and our own individual AGS.  Angelic Guidance System!  If we look outside, to others, for recognition, validation, like-mindedness, immediate success of some kind or even just a positive conversation we can become ungrounded, disappointed and tail-spin.

Bottom line:  We can dis-empower ourselves by wanting or needing something from someone else that coulda, woulda, shoulda been part of our own empowerment arsenal.  This is just an angelic tipoff that there is more work on the self to be done.  Sometimes it is a simple adjustment.  Just a habit to break.

Let’s face it with all the energetic activity, solar speak, astrological pileups, and peeps declaring new soul and DNA activations by the minute now, it is best to unplug and cruise right through the end of November 2013!!!

New opportunities will appear after the third of November yet with this event mashup, Divine timing talks to us in terms of patience.

So many magical turnings are possible if we work on our open, positive, loving selves and STAY in that energy.  This is really the challenge of these times: to practice re-patterning our thoughts and feelings so we feel good ALL THE TIME!!!  Then, spreading those great vibes around so we uplift the atmosphere just by entering it.

Objectivity… is the word for the rest of the year.

We can save alot of time by listening objectively to what other people want or need from us.  Then we can take some time to think over whether their wants/needs fit comfortably with ours.  Most times if we take the time to FEEL how this sits in our bodies, the answer is a crystal clear yes or no.  If there are fuzzy areas, we have to ask ourselves what our own agenda is with this person.  We may be surprised to find an unresolved wound is affecting our indecisiveness.

Then, the real work is to ask for what WE want!!  What a concept!  It’s the right timing to figure that out, if you are unclear.  Alone time near water is key.  Journal.  Me-Time is in order!

Let’s Give Ourselves BACK Our Power by Recognizing Ourselves! 

It seems that the search for recognition on a personal and public level is a real concern as social media mega giants expand and spins out of control.  Let’s hook into the real world of nature.  Its kinder, sweeter and authentic.  It fills us up, grounds us and rejuvenates us.  It helps put the craziness into perspective so we can cultivate objectivity.

Nature IS the magic.  We Are Nature.  Once we find the magic in ourselves, we carry it with us no matter where we land.

We are stripping away yet another layer, a profound layer, of survival tools and finding new thrival tools so we can BE who we really are: Wild and Free!

HighMoon in Cancer = MAGIC!

Wow, wow, WOW!!!!!  The energy is so high now that I can hardly sit still to write this!!!

Let’s continue to clean out our bodies of toxins, our minds of negative thoughts that are also hurting our bodies,  any emotional baggage has to be resolved NOW in this Mercury Retrograde or… more body damage. Let’s dance and sing to stay in a high vibration!!!

This is a wild ride and we are ALL taking it!!! We signed up for this when we decided to live on Gaia at this time.

That said, let’s get to the astrology and moon cycle of NOW.

For the next two weeks we are dominated by this watery New Moon in Cancer. Emotions and feelings are the name of the game here.  Denying our feelings results in over-eating, over-shopping, over-working, over-media consumption and all the harsher addictions that facilitate escape.

We are challenged now to really feel deeply,  be not afraid of our emotions, revel in them because here is the key to this amazing evolutionary cycle- OUR  FEELINGS!  To really identify how we feel in our hearts about people, places and things is an art that is imperative to learn and refine now. Our feelings connect us to Source and it is becoming more and more important to stay connected.

Divinity is within us and wants out!!!!!!!!

For so many years I was told I was too emotional so I went to the only place where the over-emotional are accepted- The Theatre!!!!  I got it out of my system, it took 22 years, many unions, as many as 12 rejections a day for film and TV, world-wide travel that I am forever grateful for, meeting fabulous people and making so many mistakes of all kinds that I no longer care what anyone thinks!!! So worth it!

So, for all the over-emotionals out there-REJOICE!  Our time is here!

Saturn has turned direct and is swimming in Scorpio. This means that we are taking a huge leap forward energetically based on what we have leaned since it retroed in February 2013. Saturn is the bliss-ipliner (embrace the lighter side of disipline- Star calls this Brightsiding!) who can stabilize your life if you look at setbacks as clues to your timing.  We have been in an astrological holding pattern since February. Saturn in Scorpio brings regeneration, rebirth, the shaman’s touch of magic, deep insight into mysterious matters, secrets come to light and our control issues are on the surface so we can see them and then release them.  Inspired  opportunites arise and we now have the strength and endurance to seize upon them for personal advancement.

A super- powerful grand water trine reaches its zenith July 17-19 and can excelerate our creative, problem solving intuition. Many things will flow as we have the midas touch now if we move forward and refuse to get stuck, depressed, self-indulgent and escape into inertia.

There is a pattern in the skies now that is not recognised by any master astrologer in this lifetime or past lifetimes. It is an intricate geometrical structure of complicated aspects that crystalizes through 2014. WOW! This is exciting! Looks like this pattern will excelerate the energy and add more threads to our DNA. All beings on, in, around and above Gaia are going on this evolutionary ride with us. We Are All Connected!  This ride started to excelerate on the Harmonic Convergence August 1997 and now is ferocious!!!! The ROAR of the lion is next month. Can’t wait!

One word about the Mercury retrograde we enjoy till July 20th.  Let’s review our choices not make big decisions until the end of the month. Let’s relax, get good sleep, eat well, enjoy our families, give to others, BE loving role models. Use love as a motivator. Get ready to go toward something of your choice . Plan, plan, plan.  Swim, sing, dance, paint, make love, make funny. Laugh! This is just a Mercury Retro stophold so we don’t fly off the planet!

Expect to see genius in the world, in your town, in yourself!!!! Bring it!!!