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Fire Monkey Business




Here we are on the new moon in Aquarius cycle entering into the Chinese new year of the fire monkey. Radical changes are acomin!

Expect the unexpected. Release all expectations and flow.

This is going to be an exceptional year for manifestation so work on your visioning habits now. Plus, creative ideas run rampant through our brains so to ground them in reality is the challenge this year. This is not a year of hard edged planning yet a more fluid time of letting ourselves be guided by our growing intuition.

After a slow start in January, we are now gathering speed as we course toward the eclipse season next month. This month of February sets the stage for rapid changes to honor this year of completions. A nine year also brings in the harvest of goals we have set in motion previously. The synchronicity of the 9th Chinese character, the Fire Monkey, makes this a potent year for realizing our full potential if we let go.

Letting go means having faith that we are being guided by our own soul intuition so there is no need for control. We are able to flow with change and have learned to ride the energetic currents. We are one with life instead of trying to resist and control it.

There is also Karma attached to a completion year. Mostly, repercussions of choices made previously that are not on our soul path. Some are the endings of soul contracts we made in other lifetimes. This is an important year. We may find many people, places and things falling away. A clearing on the soul path makes for more room for better choices, better lives, new potentials, new alliances, new hopes and dreams.

This year is animated and fun if we keep our sense of humor and see the crazy of our own making! We are in full throttle mode for massive leaps in evolution, new ways of being and lighter energetic bodies. Yet, first we may have to do some damage control.

Let the energy build so we can crescendo into a more harmonious vibe. The angels are with us, more now than ever. Trust! Have faith. Laugh and have fun! Meet magic on the Hero’s Journey through the Cosmos!

Dimension of the Mystic

3wise womenGaia, our home, is moving into the ‘Dimension of the Mystic’. As the energy shifts and rises we are all asked to step into our full integrity yet it seems we are faced with more and more temptations, escapes and dulling of our senses every minute of our day now. So, here we are on the super new moon in Aquarius cycle which really illuminates ( super-moons are doubly intense) the Mercury Retrograde redo cycle. Our choices in every minute are the focus and second chances abound! Yes, things come back around, in the circle of life, so we can make…………… better choices.

Our energy is precious and we can no longer afford to waste or squander it. Our feeling nature is under siege, if we allow it. Please contemplate how much energy you wish to give out and how you replenish that energy. This is where slowing down, and thinking about this, before we commit to overloaded schedules becomes mandatory.

There are major blessings in this new moon retrograde cycle which continues through February 3rd. If we stay grounded and connected to nature and animals we will always feel unconditionally loved and may experience more telepathic moments. There is more conflict in the human kingdom than the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms so connecting with them will be less complicated and more rewarding. The wisdom in silence speaks so loudly to those who take the time to listen.

Creating space in our day is needed more now than ever. The left and right sides of our brains are being rewired to create a bridge between prose and poetry, between science and music, between objects and relationships. This is the personal journey to master ourselves. We are All on this journey!

Let us find the true meaning of befriending ourselves.

Super New Moon Blessing to yoooooooooooo!!!