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Mystics without Monasteries



There is a growing population of mystics living in your town, neighborhood and even in your home! We are all evolving to become mystics living a multi-dimensional existence.  Mystics see the magic in the world through communion with the Divine.

This very full moon in Virgo illuminates this fact and the science behind it. We are being propelled toward the first eclipse season with enormous full moon energetic boost and constant sun flare activity.

This is a very magical time. February 25- March 6 is a staging arena where we may feel some tension and overwhelm yet, if we give in and flow, we will experience high magic in our lives.

Working the Virgonian values is so ripe that we are constantly confronted with the choice between perfectionism and the ability to flow, discrimination and judgment, working to pay the bills and true service, abundant health through positive thinking and health challenges enhanced by negative thinking.

Staying grounded is paramount as we hurtle toward the eclipse season. Checking in with ourselves to walk barefoot on the earth, breathe deeply or just rub our knees when we feel light headed are simple habits to incorporate during our day.

This is a powerful year of completions that uses the Chinese Fire Monkey symbol to make humor and joy the high road to complete this last year of a nine year cycle of evolutionary proportion. We can use the Virgonian values to anchor better choices for ourselves as we move into the next cycle.

Root into the messiness of life for there lies the magic! Land in your body because this is a systemic and practical revolution of consciousness.  We are moving to higher dimensions and taking our bodies with us!

Let’s also work on our psychic hygiene. This means monitoring how stimuli, aka television, cable, movies, radio, facebook, twitter, books, newspapers, blogs etc affect our energy. Are we energized or depleted after doses of the above? It is very important to balance this technological era with the natural world. Virgo is an earth sign so celebrating Gaia whenever possible is the magic of this astrological sign.

Remember as we travel into the higher concept of Oneness that all life is golden. Many blessings!

Mandatory Evolution 2016










As Above, So below!

Power packed planet lineups, massive solar flares, blasting forward after a heavy Mercury retrograde propelled by a Leo Full moon all mean step up your self-knowledge and contribute wherever you can!

This year 2016, is a completion year of inner and outer healing.

We, as human beings, must heal our inner destructive habits to insure the outer healing of our dear planet.

The urgency to evolve is seen all around us as pollution of our natural world escalates, climate change is proven as a scientific fact and even Stephen Hawking predicts space exploration to find a new home planet! What?????

We are resourceful and very creative. This Leo full moon shines a light on the many possibilities open to us. Let us make a healthy commitment to Gaia to restore her pristine beauty.

The stars are talking loudly if we slow down and listen. Please listen.

This can be a life affirming year, a shift year into healthy Earth management. This is an Earth revolution, an ECOLOGICAL revolution.

We have a serious choice in 2016 because, whatever the outcome, it will propel us into the next nine year cycle which begins 2017.

Let’s vote with our dollars and simplify our lives to live in harmony with Gaia. This is the year that we change the destructive tide to one that heals and restores ourselves and our dear planet!


The Deepening


New Moon in Gemini June 16, 2015


Mercury is direct, though this retrograde integration time goes right through to the 26th of June, and we have crossed onto the New Moon in Gemini two week period.

Intense solar flare activity lights up the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine in each of us, balancing our DNA into wholeness and adding new strands and new abilities to our human mess of human-ness!

Our value systems are changing as well. The more whole we become, the more we see Gaia and all HER kingdoms, human, animal ,vegetable and mineral, as connected and sacred. The more whole we become the more we question how we live, why we live, where we live and whom we live with. This Mercury retrograde integration period could be used to ponder these things.

Issues of the heart become our main focus now as we move forward into the Summer Solstice. As the Sun moves into it’s northwest position, we are challenged to take note of what we are communicating to others, the environment around us, and to ourselves.

What would love do, say, and think? Self-control, delayed gratification, bliss -apline, patience, forgiveness are all on the table as Saturn retrogrades back into Scorpio. Make no mistake, this is a deep, emotional time as we cross the Summer Solstice into Cancer. Time to release what no longer serves our evolutionary growth and that may come up again and again til we are truly clean and totally heart-centered!.

This new moon in Gemini can make a gabby, social-fest of our days, yet most of us are moving beyond the superficial into the juiciness of life where wholeness lives.

Let us remember, in gratitude, that this month of June ends the first half of 2015. Time to make new, better, and bigger commitments and goals that are guided by our hearts.

Oh, and please plant milkweed for the Monarch butterflies!

Blessings to you!

Fulfill Your Destiny

10735627_10152779569046323_297412351_nWow!!! What an amazing time to be ALIVE!!!

Here we are at the Total Solar Eclipse of the Super New Moon Vernal Equinox at the critical degree of 29 Pisces! Changing of the Guard globally is on the agenda, as the next two weeks propel us into the next six months of 2015.

This is truly a grand activation of global proportions and most of us have been held in place, hit walls or have given up and are floating on this tidal wave of unpredictable energy of evolutionary change.

For those of us who are dedicated to bridging the dimensions, worlds, the heavens and the magical unknown, this is incredible news. Our dream for a kinder world, full of beauty and magic, IS here! WE are the pioneers, bringing that world into existence with OUR actions and it seems that this amazing time is waking many more gentle, kind, conscious souls. Finding those of like mind, our tribe, is imminent.

It is time to move forward with our plans. There is major manifestation energy in the air as Potent Solar Flares purify our DNA. This is an active time! Spring is here.

Vision Boarding our goals is a powerful tool in these next two weeks. Sometimes just focusing in quiet contemplation, will bring immediate grounded results. Make clean space for pure, speedy, unexpected manifestations. This is a ripe time.

Let’s radiate our intense light. Our time is HERE! This Spiritual Revolution is Gathering mega speed!!!


November Promise

 The furious October ride continues in November as the holidays approach at mach speed.  This first week of November is a celebration of ancient Celtic lore as we pass Samhain and dance into an earth-centered fall where the veils between worlds are transparent.  Get your feet into the earth!!!!  Ground into the lusciousness of life!  The great turning is happening around us as the trees express in colors of red, orange and yellow.  The lower chakra speak.  Take time to connect, love and enjoy Gaia, our home.

 We are moving past the partial Scorpio Solar Eclipse new moon cycle which pulled in many new brilliant opportunities for those who did not strain, push or muscle them into being.  We have entered a new evolutionary cycle where worry, stress, complaints, gossip, addictions ect. ect. just bring more of the same.  Flow is the name of this new game.  Letting go and moving out of the way so the Divine can work through us is the only sane path left to us now!

The Full Moon in Taurus on the 6th heralds in November in a dynamic way.  Here we recognize our true worth as individuals.  Having a healthy sense of self-worth radiates out to the world and pulls in many fabulous people, places and things.  We become magnets of good.  We become beacons or LIGHT~ houses, as we let the Divine light in our souls co-create our lives.

It is time to find what we most value in our lives;  Be that and do that.

The solar flares, which were intense the last week of October, are down loading a new way of being on Gaia.  For those of us sensitive to this amazing energy, slowing down has been necessary so we can actually receive this information! 

This is a power packed time of great illumination, green technological breakthroughs and personal empowerment.

Revel in this new energy!!!

How much LOVE do you put into what you do?

The new moon is surfing our atmosphere today.  This period of time, roughly the next fifteen days, has a busy, get down to work vibe. Yet, now is the time to consider how much love we put into what we do everyday.

Out actions define who we are. We are challenged now to make a difference in every action we take.  Whether small or large, our daily actions tell the story of our lives.  We are what we do, think, feel, say. Let’s stop a minute and consider how we represent LOVE in our daily actions.

This New Moon challenges us to change our relationship to power.

Hasn’t the old energy of rushing, pushing, worrying and judging constantly drained us of our real purpose to transform everything into LOVE? Hasn’t this draining energy deflected our commitment to the truth in our souls? Hasn’t this negative approach to getting things done distracted us from evolving as human beings?

The feminine energy is rising on this planet to meet the masculine and join it in a balanced way so neither is overpowered by the other. To really absorb this new energy and feel energized by it instead of drained,  we must stop pushing, battling, forcing. We can join gently with this dynamic energy by allowing, flowing, being present, forgiving and most of all by being in gratitude as much as possible.

There is so much magic on our planet now as time shifts and dimensions collide. We can tap into this magic by flowing with the changes that the intense solar flare activity stimulates into high gear. We have a two year period ahead of us of fast, furious changes.  These can be exhilerating if we tap into the magic within every situation. Let’s do that. Commit to that. Bring it!

Let’s look at our day and find the LOVE in every action we take. This can be challenging or a fun experiment that livens our day!

How will you bring more LOVE into every action you take today??


Fire Moon

So much has been said about this Aries Full Moon to scare the crap out of everyone! Methinks we are still waiting for the other shoe to drop in this revolutionary, evolutionary year 2012.

Yes, this moon aspects almost every planet and yes this has been another gamechanger month with many planets changing signs or moving forward, solar flare activity, new comets found out there and star formations reoccuring from ancient times. Yes, we have had the second snap of the whip Pluto/ Uranus square. So, yes, these are challenging times because change is everywhere… yet miraculous new alignments are occuring right before our eyes in all departments of our lives if we slow down and look up at our glorious world.

Let us not forget that the amazing Autumnal Equinox heralded in this cosmic bonfire moon. We are living our lives by the moon cycles, eclipses, equinoxes and solstices just like the ancients. This turning of the wheel of seasons connects us to Mother Earth and Father Sky. Without this dynamic connection with nature the human race is lost… has lost its way. We are finding out way again only we are not going backwards yet forward into time that no longer exists! A truly wild ride!

All these grand shifts are parting the energetic seas and making way for that which is only aligned with the LOVE vibration. To stay in the LOVE vibration and to actually raise our earthly foundations to meet this new energy we are challenged to practice non-judgement, acceptance, and allowing.

The only way to do this is to let others experience their own reality, their own choices. We must step back now and LOVE others so much that we allow them to be sovereign. Even if this looks like tough love sometimes. The over-helping must stop, the unwanted interference is sooooooooo unwanted and really not needed now because these gamechanging times are here to stay.

Being an Aries myself, I have taken this time as a great initiation in my life. So, the five days before the Aries full moon and the five days after are special days for me where I let go of the glamour of the past and look ahead to find my next calling. I slow down and consciously do less and honor those people who support me, get me, laugh with me not at me and love me. All the others in my life, I let go their own way without resistance.  I suppose, I am loving myself so much that I do not let others errode my confidence in me because I realize that their pain is not mine.

Once you understand that most people are projecting their own pain onto you, you can shake it off. You can laugh it off. You can experience real emotional freedom. I believe this is the true awakening of this grand shift of 2012 and the promise of this Full Moon in Aries. This fire moon is unpredictable because it illuminates Spirit, the unseen, that which lies below the surface yet burns brightly within.

Take some time in the next few days for a personal ritual. Meditate with a candle. Dance around a bonfire on the beach. Walk an illuminated labrinth. Let the fire in our hearts move us forward into action instead of the frillfull, lost dreams in our heads.




Dancing at Lughnasa

Stunner via Pinterest

This Wednesday, August 1st, 2012 is Lamas or Lughnasa the Celtic Festival and grand Celebration of Midsummer.  This is one of the traditional pagan festivals celebrating the cycles of the earth. There is always alot of singing and dancing, laughing, sharing stories and partaking of food and drink. Yet, most of all, Lughnasa is a celebration of gratitude to Gaia, our home, for providing an amazing abundance of love, shelter and life giving food and water. Simply said, Lughnasa is a celebration of Gaia for giving us life.

This day always holds great significance for me as it also represents the last stage play I was so fortunate to lend my acting, singing and dancing skills to in Taos, New Mexico. Really, this time of year reminds me of my story. Not only my story in this life but of the many stories I have acted out in many lifetimes, as have we all!

I recently shared with a new friend that I was an actress and she immediately told me that so was she! I naively asked what she had done and she wisely reminded me that we are all actors and actresses and that life is our stage or film!

Story is so important to all of us. Our own stories and those of others shared with us. In this way, the ancients kept all the mysteries alive passed down orally from one to another.  We are all the keeper of stories and there is great significance in everyone’s adventure.

The main reason that I write is to share stories. This is the drive and motivation for all writers to tell a story or share some information.  I do both in my own way, the novel way, because this is the way I have learned the most, through story. Through reading. Words!

I am about to dedicate a blog on this site to my second novel in the Amusing Light Series.  ‘Cosmic Bob’ embodies fun!  A hahaha……oh! type of novel. I will start this on Lughnasa 2012, the day of story, the celebration of midsummer.  All this solar flare activity has lit a fire under me to share my latest story with you. Also, I would love to have some feedback if you are so inclined. Let me know what you think. Let me hear your stories!

Full Moon in Aquarius

Stunning image of AZ from Pinterest
Here we are at the Aquarius full moon. This moon focuses on our growing and changing values concerning relationships of all kinds.
Our Relationship to our planet Earth.
The groundswell of concern for the Earth, our home, over financial gain has become a heartwarming and very necessary reality now. Just seeing all the amazing things that we creative human beings are implementing to lighten our footprint on Gaia is inspiring and glorius. This moon speeds up that intense need within us all globally to do more to protect our home.
I am involved with many others on Pinterest:  a massive social network that can be used many ways for many reasons yet I have seen and been apart of many amazing things on there. It is all about images which speak to us all at a very core level. Words can be, and have been, misinterpreted or used to judge and condemn. A simple image is so powerful because it moves to the core of a person’s soul to evoke a reaction in that person all his or her own without commentary that could push an unwanted emotional button. I am focusing on what is very right with this concept. Imagery is powerful. Art is powerful. The images of pristine nature and all its beings are revered, collected, swapped out, repeated again and again and travel around globally on Pinterest. It is mind boggeling and shows me that we all treasure, honor and want to protect our home so very, very much.
Our Relationship to Others
The way we relate to each other is changing.  The need to BELONG and find like-minded people to listen to us and laugh with us has reached a fevor pitch. It may seem that there is a grand polarization of energy globally at the moment because everyone is making a decision whether it is conscious or not. We must let go and gravitiate toward those who support our well being emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. It is actually very simple to do this when we first meet someone. Our feelings tell us all we need to know. Yet, it is more difficult when we have made commitments and have to watch family members walk a different path from ours. Let go without judgement now.
I have spent many years listening to what is not being said to arrive at the few words that can be heard in difficult situations. The emotional charge on most of these out of control situations clouds our judgement then we make rash decisions instead of waiting and calming ourselves to see the broader perspective. Yes, these can be explosive, emotional years till 2015 if we choose to take that painful  unconscious path.  We can blame others or do inner work on ourselves, master ourselves by taking responsibilty for our own happiness, harmony, peace, joy, LOVE! This is called SPIRITUAL MATURITY. This is our global challenge at the moment- SPIRITUAL MATURITY!
Our Relationship to our Work
This is called right livelihood. Usually, we can tell if we are in the right line of work because it makes us happy. We are energised every morning and very grateful to be compensated monitarily for doing what we love. Most times we are helping other beings, Gaia, animals, people, in a positive way. We are making a difference and our work is rewarding. We feel that deeply in our hearts and souls. Sometimes, this looks like caring for children which is the most important and most difficult job on the planet! Let us think about this now.
Our Relationship to Ourselves
I have written about this in many other posts. It all boils down to this simple question- Are we joyful and grateful every moment? If not, what will it take to arrive at this? We can keep cycling through people, places and things yet we are always faced with ourselves in the end. We can keep hitting walls or start the real inner work and make the outer journey more graceful, easier, fun!
Our Relationship to the Divine
To start the inner work, or continue it, we need to connect to the Divine within us. This is the light path. The graceful path. The joyful path. The only path NOW! This brilliant, altruistic full moon in Aquarius provides more training time to help us think with our hearts and act on our intuition. Life is a circle of connecting with the Divine, which facilitates thinking with or hearts and acting on our intuition, and NATURE is the greatest place to connect with the Divine.
 Live in the splendor of this moment by Singing and Dancing under this moon! Let’s celebrate it!