The Dark Winter Moon





The last new moon of 2015 illuminates the gateway for 12/12.  Another powerful synchronicity of this time!  We are constantly reminded by star language to step up to the plate.

This truly dark winter moon bides the season of gestation, the circles of death and renewal and the celebration of stormy weather.

We are blessed with new dimensions above and below, new deepenings of emotional strength and new ways of being that honor all life everywhere.

This new moon in Sagittarius propels us closer to the center of our own consciousness and closer to the natural world as it heads into the darkest past of winter: The Winter Solstice!

The 12/12 gateway is seeded with the question: Where is our love? Where is our passion? Where is our soul leading us?

We anchor the peaceful energy on Gaia by remaining grounded in our own hearts, by remaining kind in the face of unkindness, by acting humane to the inhumane.

We are building and growing our own integrity of spirit. As this year winds down, our growth is needed and necessary and celebrated.

This new moon in Sagittarius is beckoning us to move forward with pride. We have been challenged and met the call with wit, fortitude and courage.

Let us accept ourselves so we can move forward without resistance.

Let us add a jingle to our step. Tis the season!

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