The Quickening Fire

 Wow!  What an amazing rush of Firey energy is pouring onto our planet!  This is so exciting and so welcome and so anticipated!

It is the aftermath of the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Aries, the Blood Moon. 

Just so we are all on the same page of astrological understanding, no aspect or astrological configuration can interfere with a positive, pro-active attitude.  We are all challenged at this time to hold our ground as this energy rocks our world!  This Blood Moon heralds in a new cycle of evolution.  Our emotional capacity to respond rather than react is the mode of operation for the next six month training period. 

Strap on your training wheels and ride, baby, ride!!!!

In my experience, mastering the emotional body is the greatest and most rewarding feat, and this is now a mandatory evolutionary practice.  To really make a difference in our own relationships, our surrounding areas and the world at large, we must become light bearers and stay in the peaceful, harmonious, joyful, fun energy. 

This means taking nothing personally.

Not assuming, asking!

Using our words sparingly, so we can walk our talk.

Doing our best, for this is all we can truly do in any given moment.

Yes, The Four Agreements by Don Miguel.  So simple you can use them daily in any situation.  (I find if I cannot remember them all in the morning, then that is the one, or two or three, I must really work on that day.  Sometimes, it’s all four, because I am under it!!! Teeeheeee!)

Also, there is no need to be so serious about life, people, situations, especially in a retrograde!!  Redo, research, respond, re-connect, realize, Rumi ~ nate!!!!  

So, big things are changing, flow with it.  Let’s trust where life is taking us.  We live in a BENEVOLENT UNIVERSE!

And lastly, if we are still stuck thinking a loving partner will betray us, we are just pushing away the possibility of real romantic and fulfilling love.  Until, we have worked our own issues of mistrust out of our lives we just attract the same situation over and over.  PERIOD!

Let the new beginnings arrive in our lives.  Clear out the past now.  We have a few weeks here to rumi~ nate on this before the brilliant Solar Eclipse New Moon in Libra arrives on October 23rd!

Sing, Dance, Paint, Write, Walk in Sacred Harmony with Nature, Love Intensely, Laugh Alot and Swim through this fiery energetic!  Mega Blessings to you.


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