The Turning













As fall turns into winter, the full Gemini moon has us thinking, over thinking, reminiscing, ruminating and rummaging through our minds like irritating gremlins.

This is The Turning.  It slows us down to enjoy the snuggly winter months. Yet, first we must pare down and dump the unnecessary accumulation of outworn ideas, goals, people, places and things.

This winter is especially important as we are being challenged to mature spiritually. This moon illuminates the reunion of humanity and nature, heaven and earth.

This full Gemini moon tests our resolve to remain focused yet go with the flow and trust our inner guidance.

Sagittarius is the gateway to our evolutionary goals and it is here that we refine ourselves and connect with Spirit.

Let us embrace The Turning as a time to renew our being, as a time to became more of ourselves, as a time to honor what has gone before, what is Now and what may come.

Let us calm the mind and go within as much as possible over the next two week period.

Let random acts of kindness fill our days.

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