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Summer Solstice 2015



Our planet, Gaia is speaking soooooo loudly now. Can you hear her??

A pool buddy of mine complained to me about going to the market and not getting a bag to carry his groceries. They told him to bring his own bag next time then gave him a paper bag which promptly broke. I asked him what he had bought, to his cha cha-grin! (What planet is he living on, I wondered.) He then told me all the ‘Toxic Crap Passing For Food’ he had bought including some TCPFF for his dog!

Wow, with all the food recalls for humans AND their pets, the media info on GMOs and loud grass root protests, the articles circulating with cruise ship photos of the miles of plastic floating in the Pacific Ocean, the ‘grow your own food’ initiatives in ALL countries of the world, and MASSIVE global protests about the ruination of our global home, my pool buddy is a reminder to me that many peeps on this planet just don’t care!

These people are thinking for the short term only. They have the ‘I want it now’ syndrome. What do we do?

I realized, in that moment, that this guy was spoiling for an argument, and that I was the target because he knew I was aligned with nature. So, I told him that I had been using my own bags since 1998 and he could find all the information about sustainability and non-sustainability online. Then I left!

I did not destroy my peace of mind over this. I choose my battles carefully now to conserve my energy. He never asks me a question or asks my advice about anything, ever. This is my tipoff that whomever I am dealing with is not interested in my eco-lifestyle or any change in lifestyle whatsoever.

So, what is sustainability? Sustainability has been defined as-THE CAPACITY TO ENDURE. This means survival. How do we survive on our lovely planet now?? Do we keep ignoring the destruction of Gaia for the sake of unsustainable lifestyle choices? We, humans, are the only kingdom on Earth that have evolved away from nature and natural ways of connectedness and sustainability.

Are we ENTITLED to get what we want at the price of our own SURVIVAL and take every other being on this planet with us??????? Vote with your dollar, this is the only way now!

At this 2015 Summer Solstice we are all challenged to re-arrange our priorities, and fast!!! More and more animals, trees, plants, insects, minerals, air and bodies of water are endangered. The Earth will survive and reboot, yet we will not if our main priority is not sustainability.

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